We are committed to abiding by all state and local regulations, administrative codes, ordinances and statutes.  We will work with the applicable municipalities
to ensure that all laws and conditions are met.  If there comes a time where our procedures conflict with any applicable laws, we will take immediate measures
to rectify the issue.

We are committed to being a good neighbor.  This may be construed as simply rhetoric however we are taking extreme measures to keep our transportation portfolio limited to conveyors and railroad transit.  Our conveyors are electric
and emit very minimal audible disturbance. 

We are committed to minimal site disturbance.  We analyze every site we encounter for minimal aesthetical disturbance.  We will take a detailed inventory
of the topography, tree cover, depth of top soil, etc. and will draft a plan including progressive reclamation to ensure minimal site disturbance.

We are committed to becoming a long-term provider of sustainable employment
in our communities.  Our business model is heavily centered on railroad logistics which is the basis for industry sustainability.  This model allows us to reduce
or eliminate trucking which in turn allows us to become a low-cost producer. 
Due to the downturn in the industry, other mine facilities will incur additional expenditures due to their distance to a railroad facility; however we will be able to withstand these downturns.